Website Worksheets

Welcome to the start of your online dream journey! Please fill out these worksheets in order. Once you finish all of them we will get your website preview ready with your content.

Your Business Info

Fill out the basic details of your business like social handles, domain name, and more.

Maps Mini

The mini messaging workbook that makes a BIG impact. Gain high level clarity on your vision, audience and offer. This page is key to writing your website content so don’t skip it!


Ready to define your brand? The beginnings of defining your brand. Create your brand personality, pitch and more.

brand Assets

Add all of your images and any video links you want to use on your website.

Write your homepage content!

Now that you’ve established your audience it’s time to write your content! Follow the worksheets below. Once you complete this we will create your preview!

your Homepage Content

Follow this guide to write your homepage content!

My About Page Content

Learn how to write about page content that shares your values and story to make your audience feel closer to you and ready to buy.

My Services

Create your services page content and show what makes you unique and position yourself as the solution to their problem.

Services Detail

Want a separate page for each of your services? Fill in this worksheet to add all of your service information.