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Dream Business Plan™: Live Group Workshop is a 2 day guided online course that quickly helps you turn your idea into a marketable offer. Get to the root of what’s standing in the way of creating a five or six figure income and the CONFIDENCE to take your business to the next level and beyond.


Pay what you want until 11/17/23!

Don’t miss out on early bird pay-what-you-want pricing. Prices will go up on 11/17/23!

First Class Starting: November 26th-27th!

Unlock and let yourself do what you love

Ready to design a business that creates a full or part time income doing what you love?

This 2 day live workshop will take you from feeling stuck to being clear, ignited and ready to take on sales!

Are you ready to get clear on…

• What you TRULY want to do, that involves your purpose so you can stop doing what you think you SHOULD do

• How to turn your ideas into profitable offers that truly help people solve their problems

• Your audience and understand what they *actually* want

• What you need to design a business that will be your FULL TIME INCOME

• Plus going through the course with live guidance from your coach. Full accountability!

What will we cover in class?

Hello, dreamer

You know it’s time to turn your dreams into reality. You’re tired of not knowing where your next sale is coming from, going in circles with your business, whether to start it or not. Or if anyone will even care. Maybe you’re stifled with self doubt or really excited about the idea but stuck with what your next best step would be or if you could really do it.

What if there was a step by step plan to lay out everything right from the start?

What if all you had to do was answer the right questions, give yourself permission to get clear, do what you want to do and just–show up?

Now you can. With help!

With Dream Business Plan™, you will learn everything you need to know in a fun and enlightening 5 step process called The M.A.P Method™!

The M.A.P Method™ will walk you through your messaging, audience and the three important P’s of every successful business. 

Your Product, Process & Plan!

Ensure success and walk away with a fully designed business that makes your ideas ready to profit!


Pay what you want until 11/17/23!

Don’t miss out on early bird pay-what-you-want pricing. Only 10 students per class. PLUS live guidance from coach. Prices will go up on 11/17/23!


I'm Eric!

I’m an energetic, 4/6 Manifesting Generator with a passion for helping people succeed by unlocking their magic that’s ready to be seen inside of them.

When I was a kid and was asked what I wanted to do when I grew up all I could ever come up with was “I want to help people!”.

After years of trial and error I finally understood where I was bumping into the same walls over and over again to finally correct course and create success. I realized I needed to:

– Do what I truly wanted to do (sounds obvious but you know how hard that can be!)

– Not skip steps! (I always want this fastest way)

– Follow a plan and a process (once again sounds obvious but @ me hahaha)

I finally gave myself permission to do what it is I know I’m here to do which is help business owners get clear about their ideas and turn their passion into real income and now I want to help you do it too!

When invited, I have a magical ability to help people redefine their ideas and explain complex things easily. Helping you find the quickest, fastest way to get clear and get to your next step.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned working 1 on 1 with countless business owners to design their business and put it all into this live, guided 2 day workshop!

Ready to turn your idea into income and design your dream business. There is absolute magic in store for you!


Who's it for?

If you’re ready to design your business fast and grow even faster with live guidance and the support of the group. this workshop is for you! As long as you’re passionate about and ready for your success (and willing to show up and answer the questions!) This workshop is for you. It’s not for you if you don’t want to be a cooperative component to your business or just expect things to happen without taking action. If you follow the guidance, I promise you we will unlock your magic and design your dream business!

Coaches & consultants

If the thought of sharing your knowledge and experience to help someone level up or providing a service that makes helps someone solve a problem or transform lights you up. This is for you!

New business owners

New to business but know you want to start your own business one day or soon? This is your chance to create it in the perfect container to get live feedback, expand your ideas and get super clear, super fast.

Digital & physical product creators

Whether you have a digital or physical product. All entrepreneurs, freelancers, service providers, coaches & consultants will get massive value and a plan for true success out of this course.

Day 1

Unlock your Magic

We’ll go through a series of guided activities, prompts and insightful questions to nail down your vision, your reason for wanting to be in business and who you really want to work with!

• Discover your unique why and–why it’s so important to do so

• Craft your messaging so you never have to choke up when someone asks, what do you do?

• Practice exercises in the comfort of the group to build confidence when talking about what you do 

• Understand who your dream customer is and what you need to know about them to create a solution that will sell

Day 2

Unleash Your Magic

We’ll dive into how you are going to meet your customers needs and why they should care about your offer using proven strategies. We’ll also make sure you don’t sell yourself short with a secret technique the best coaches use!

• Get a high level look at your business and what you do which provides massive clarity and insight

• Craft a crave-worthy offer that includes the 3 pieces to the puzzle to make it sell like hotcakes!

• Understand and own what makes you different and see the massive value in that!

Hit the sign up link to choose your price and pick your class dates!


Plus much more!

When you sign up you’ll get access to super bonuses.

Bonus One:
Do your work with purpose workbook: Discover your unique magic and go into class knowing exactly what your going to build your business around

Bonus Two:
Mindset workbook. Everything you need to start thinking, acting and showing up like the success you are about to be!

Bonus Three:
Offer calculator. No need to think about what to price your offer. This handy calculator takes a few numbers from you and spits out a magical offer price that shows your exactly what you need to hit your goal!


And that's not all!

As a student, when you sign up you also get:

• One month of dreamsyte membership with access to resources. Everything you do in class will be stored in your online business journal workbook! You will have access to that for life and 1 month of access to additional member only resources!

• One month access to the dreamlyfe circle to ask unlimited questions and keep on track with your business! No more doing this all alone or feeling confused and stuck. Anytime you have a question, just post it in the circle and we’ll point you in the right direction. Plus the support of the group is there to help each other along!

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s ok! I am going to help you get clear on your idea and make sure it’s ready to turn into profit. As long as you are truly willing to turn your skills, experience and what you love into helping someone solve a problem you’re 90% there! We’ll go over your idea to start class and you can bounce off ideas with the group. 

We’ll show you how to validate your offer before you create the product or sell it. That way you will walk away confident about what you’re selling before you start selling it.

We will be recording the sessions so you will have access to them and the future course when it is released.

Congrats! This will still work great for you as you will know exactly where you want to tighten up and know the exact steps to do so.

Click the button below to get started. Sign up (pay what you want until 11.17.23!). After you save your seat please fill out the quick questionnaire to tell us a little about your business so we can prepare you for success in the class!

If you’re still unsure

Ready to secure your spot? Do NOT miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

If you are still a bit unsure, I get it! investing in yourself can be scary but think of being on the other side, no longer worried about taking a chance on yourself because you’ll see it WORKS!

Sure you can learn all of this on your own with YouTube courses, google searches, piecing it all together, but wouldn’t you have done that by now?

Sure you can go buy another course, but you’re going to pay $1000’s of dollars AND have to do it on your own time and yourself (how has that been working for you?)

Sure you can hire a coach, but it’s going to cost a lot and take time.

We’re going to do this in 2 days and walk away with a fully designed business!



Imagine designing a business you’re proud of that you run with clarity and purpose…

Imagine waking up less stressed knowing that you got this, you know what you’re doing, who you’re doing it for and a clear plan to make it happen…

Imagine being excited about doing what you actually love and working with people you truly know you can help and WANT to help…

Imagine knowing you’re actually doing what it is your want to do and feel clear that you actually love doing it!

All of that and more is possible. Just follow the step by step plan, show up to class and implement what you learn. 

Plus, we’ll be here for any questions you have after to make SURE you get it done!


Plus I mean, c’mon it’s pay what you want..

Hurry and save your seat before the price goes up on 11/17/23.

We’ll be sending out materials a week before your class date to make sure you’re ready to UNLOCK!

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