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Dreamsyte Basic Updates - $25

These are all of our basic updates. Each plan includes a number of updates, but purchase more here if you need more and don’t want to upgrade your plan.

3 Text Changes

Perfect if you need to change an address, update some text or change up some headlines.

6 products uploaded to store

Give us your products, image, and pricing and we’ll upload to your shop

Add contact form

Let your customers reach out to you with a contact form. Tell us the fields we’ll put it together.

Modify existing template

We’ll change up an existing template, need to change a color or add text to every page. We can do it!

E-mail collection

Add an e-mail collection form that connects to your mailchimp account.

Testimonial Carousel

Increasing trust in your brand by showing off your testimonials in a nice carousel on your website. 

Testimonial area

We’ll display your testimonials and rave reviews in a beautiful way on your website.

Logo bar

Display the trusted brands you work with. We’ll add a list of logos and headline to your site.

Add new page

With an existing template, and copy you supply we’ll add a new page and add to your menu.


Not sure how to say something on your site, or headline? Send us a page of copy to review, your goal, and we’ll suggest edits to make it web ready.

Instagram feed

Add your existing instagram account feed of recent photos to your website.

Twitter feed

We’ll add your latest tweets to your website where you specify.

Facebook feed

Not sure how to say something on your site, or headline? Send us a page of copy to review, your goal, and we’ll suggest edits to make it web ready.

Featured products list

Display a list of your featured products from your store on your site.

Social media icons

We’ll add social media icons to your header and footer of your website so people can engage with you on your favorite platforms.

Dreamsyte Pro Updates - $99

These are our premium updates available in your Dreamsyte Plus plans. These are available to any member to purchase at a one off as well.

Email newsletter template

Supply us your copy, we’ll create an email newsletter you can use in mailchimp to send to your list.

Add e-commerce

Want to start selling things online? Add store functionality to your website.

Add a blog

Start blogging to increase SEO and engage your community. We’ll add a blog, special blog template and turn comments on or off.

Modify Logo

Have a logo you like but needs a little something extra? We’ll modify your existing logo to fix minor mistakes and make it something you’ll love!

Add Slideshow

Want to add a slideshow to your homepage? Supply us with the images and copy you’d like to add and we’ll get it online for you.

Add Search

Add search functionality to your website so your visitors can search for specific content on your site easily.

Create new page template

We will create a complete new page template for a product or service on your Dreamsyte.

One page of copywriting

Supply us with the idea of what you want to say and we’ll sell it with fresh copy for a page on your website!

Analytics Report + Analysis

We’ll look at your analytics to understand how your visitors are using your website and provide insights on how to increase conversions.

Social media cover photos

Supply us with photos and we’ll create a profile and cover photo for up to 2 of your social media accounts

5 social posts

Supply us with the idea of what you want and photos and we’ll create 5 social posts for your chosen social account.

Add new section

We’ll add a new section to your website to promote a new product or service.

Lightbox Gallery

Add a gallery and lightbox to your website.

Fresh Icons - 5 pack

We’ll create 5 custom icons that you can use to help better sell a product or service.

Business Cards

Supply your logo, and information and we’ll create a snazzy business card that you can print on or other print shops.

Flyer Design

Supply the copy and direction, we’ll create a flyer to help you promote a new service or offering you have.

Brochure Design

Supply the copy and direction, we’ll create a brochure your clients can use to learn about your company, products or services.

Online Advertising

Supply the ad spend, and direction we’ll create an ad for your chosen channel with one month of management to help you grow your business and acquire new customers!