How To Add Consistency to Your Posts AND Shedule

Honestly, how many of us are feeling STUCK or confused right now. Like, cmon. I know I need to start connecting with my followers and helping them and making them excited about my products and services but like, how do I do that!

You know you have to work on building a relationship, a bridge if you will, from where people are, to them getting to know, like and trust you but the thought of it feels so overwhelming you don’t do anything at all or just post something you’re not excited about just to get something up there.

Don’t worry, I totally understand how you feel, that’s why I put together these quick 3 tips to help you knock out confusion and overwhelm and step into satisfying posting behavior to let out your inner content creator!

Doing these 3 things will help you:

  • Save time and effort
  • Remove overwhelm
  • Create your own plan for success by streamlining your content

Think of it like real life

It’s like dating, or making a new friend at school, or work. You can’t just go BLURT everything out to them, you have to ask questions, you have to give affirmation, you have to be consistent.

How much does it suck to get to know someone and then all of a sudden 👻


You don’t really feel like that person likes you anymore do you? And then when they do pop up all of a sudden, you don’t know if you can trust them again, or would really like to interact with them because what if they ghost again!

It’s the same thing with your email list, imagine you don’t talk to someone for 3 months and then all of a sudden you’re like NEW PRODUCT buy it!

Does that make you want to buy from them?

Also, imagine you’re starting to warm up to someone new. And then they call you ALL THE TIME. Whether it’s authentic or not, it starts to feel a little uncomfortable and can make you go cold.

Same thing with your email list, you get the picture.

How often should I engage with my audience?

A question a lot of business owners ask is, how often should I email, or post, or engage?

Answer, everyday. (More on that later)

People are so used to, and at this point CRAVING good content. There is so much out there, that by giving someone something good to look forward to (when they’re already looking for entertainment, information, or something to feel good about anyway) will make people like you more and help you to form a real bond where they get to know you and feel safe around you!

So ok, you’re saying, I get it Eric! But how do I do that?

There are a ton of ways, but our first one is consistency, and before you say “Well, duh…” I’m talking about consistency in…

  • Your categories
  • Your message
  • Your call to action

Ready to dive in and transform your posting schedule each week to get you on track to a rea plan you can actually stick to? Read on!

Let’s get started


One way to build trust through consistency is to be consistent in what you post about.

Posting about things that your followers are interested in will give them more confidence to follow you because they will feel like your content is for them! The more you make them feel like your content is for them, the more they share, engage, and of course like you!

An easy way to do this,
Pick 5 categories to post in. If you are tired of being stuck feeling like you’re oooonly allowed to post about one thing or “what you do” this is a great way to get consistent and allow yourself to explore something new!

Your five categories could be
– Testimonial
– Product Benefits / Features
– Team / Selfie / Fact about you
– Blog Post
– Something new or hobby you do that doesn’t have to do with your business or that you would like to turn into a business and see if people would like.
You can also include promotions, giveaways, sales, workshops, one time offers, etc.

Next up, your message

Pick 3 things you want everyone to feel when they interact with one of your posts.
Mine are inspired, limitless, and free! Don’t over think it, and you can pick different feelings for different categories.

When you make someone feel something you are really increasing their ability to remember you and truly feel a connection to you, which is what we want right?

Give people the ability to feel what you wanted them to! You want them to walk away feeling “I really felt (your emotion) when I read that. I’m happy I interacted with them, I like them.”

And with your message, whether it’s an email or a social post, keep it about one topic!

Don’t go into all 30 of your different products and avenues and possibilities. That causes overwhelm and people to get lost! Just pick one topic, at a time, and go for that. Don’t worry about missing out, you’ll only miss out by creating noise and overwhelm and confusion.

Lastly, your action

Give people a clear call to action at the end of your post to increase engagement.
If it’s a social post add something like. Hey Guys, if you liked this, share with a friend. Tag someone, tell me ___ about when this happened to you. Check out the link in my bio and fill out the free consultation form.
– Make it clear,
– Pick one thing,
– Spell out the steps if there are steps. (Tag a friend who ___) (click link. Fill out form. Get ready to change your life)

Wrapping up

So to wrap it all up.
– Pick one topic, product, or feature to talk about, stick to it, and choose how you want to make people feel.
– Pick one call to action to ask people to engage with you (if you don’t ask, people won’t think to do it, trust me)
– Post in your 5 categories, alternate between them so your feed stays fresh and you’ll always have inspiration on what to post next!

When you feel affirmed, cared for, and good around someone you will like them and look forward to being around them. Same with your content.

Now download this quick cheat sheet, to write out your caption or email and start posting like the KINGS AND QUEENS you are!

Over n’ out!

– Eric @ Dreamsyte

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