When you’re running your business, you should have one sole goal top of mind. You should keep this goal in every KPI, metric, action and email.

You should keep this at the back of your mind behind every single line of copy, every image you post and every story you write.

It’s not how much revenue can I make or how can I make more revenue.

It’s not “How do I craft the perfect look?”.

It’s not even… “What do I say?”.

Let us tell you up front that it took me years to learn this. Even after countless years of trial and error, working at tons of different companies, from start ups to agencies working with mega clients. This one thing held back everything else, and one day, after reading a content course form Heike (incredible internet copywriter) I realized this was the thing. But even after that I STILL didn’t pay enough attention, or take it very seriously. Funniest thing I was telling everyone ELSE to do this one thing but still not wholeheartedly understanding the GRAVITY of it. I’m sharing this with you now because I want to save you from the pain and years-I mean it-yeeeaaars of struggle and wracking my brain that I went through and tell you now so you can apply it to your business if you haven’t already.

Which I’m assuming if you’re here, and was struggling and consued like I was (great at what you do, but sales aren’t reflecting) and you haven’t grown the way you want to, this could be a big piece to the puzzle that will help you move in the right direction.

Have a guess at what it is? Read on and let us reveal the answer to help you move the needle on your business growth.

First of all, what it’s “not”.


Of course making money is important to your business.

In fact it’s the thing that keeps it moving. It’s like the oil but believe it or not, it’s not the engine.

By knowing this one thing we are going to share with you, you will start to increase your business revenue more strategically and predictably.

You’ll find yourself making more sense of not only how your business earns revenue but increases it.

At Dreamsyte we strive to build beautiful, marketing driven websites that help you increase your earnings month over month.

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Your Look or Brand

Believe it or not, it’s not even the way your website looks or operates. You don’t have to have the perfect website, with the snazziest look to succeed and start earning. In fact some business owners use a plain website with plain black text and still make six figures.

Which in turn is still their “brand” so to speak.

But that’s very rare. In fact, and studies show that working with a professional designer on your ui/ux can increase your ROI (return on investment) by $10 – $100 for every dollar.
Source: https://uxplanet.org/why-investing-in-ui-design-saves-costs-increases-revenue-and-retains-customers-c762b78c0526

We love helping you find your unique style and voice, because we know it definitely moves the needle and plus it’s really fun.

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But once again not the most important thing.

Your Message and Content

Your brand message is very important, it’s close to the most important thing. It’s so close to the most important thing that it almost could be it. Without words on your website how would anyone know what to do? What you offer, or how you can help?

Can you imagine trying to sell with just one color or photos, but no text, no directions, no information or story?

How would people know who you are, what you stand for, what you do and how you can help solve their problems?

This is what we hold at the highest value when designing your website, to help you get your point across in a natural and easily digestible way. Reducing friction and increasing profits.

But still, not quite the thing.

What you say is so important, because of this thing.


And now for the big reveal, are you ready for it?

Your customer and how you can best serve theme.

More specifically your DREAM customer.

Because when you focus on your dream customer, and you know who that is. We’re talking their age, location, gender, income, likes, dislikes, wants, desires, hangouts.

Because when you know WHO you’re talking to, you can start to understand their needs and how to craft an offer that speaks directly to them so you can solve their needs.

Imagine if I said, “Can you get me that?” or “Will you sell me it?”.

You would wrack your brain think of the millions of things “that” or “it” could be.

But imagine if I said “I’m thirsty, can you get me a sparkling water form the fridge?”

We’ll now we’re in business! Not only do you know me (I love sparkling water) but I’m also thirsty (I have a need that needs solving) and because you know that, you are the perfect person to gift that to me.

Plus, since you love me so much–I am your dream customer after all 😉 You can offer me a cheese sandwich on the side or the last piece of chocolate in the fridge as well (upsell, order bumps, one time offers)

When you can imagine who you’re talking to, you can imagine how they might be feeling, what problems they may have that you can solve.

And when you know who you want to help you can position your offer to speak directly to them.

Best thing is, they only want one of three things, but that’s for another post!

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Thanks for reading, Dream customer.

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