Did you know that an email list is one of the healthiest and cheapest ways to connect with your customers?

Plus build connections, increase revenue, and launch offers to name a few. Just think about it if you haven’t already. When you have something to say, you have a whole audience available to learn everything exciting  and new you have to offer them!

And believe it or not, it doesn’t take a lot, we’ve done amazing things with our clients with lists of only 50 subscribers!

But all of that aside, are you overthinking email? Do you think that emailing your list will annoy them and make them unsubscribe causing you to lose all of the hard earned connections?

Let me tell you a secret, you can email your subscribers every single day, if you just make sure to do this one thing.

First off though, let’s dissect why you aren’t emailing your subscribers.

#1. You’ve got scared-to-email-itis

Simply put, you’re afraid to email your list because you think you will annoy them, make them feel bad towards you, or lose subscribers. You’re not alone, almost all entrepreneurs we interview are scared to email their subscribers because of this or…

#2. You don’t know how to use the platform

Believe it or not, most email platforms out there do seem very intimidating. It’s like, wait a minute, this doesn’t look like gmail! I’m out of here! Campaigns, automations, customer journeys, audiences oh my!

The list goes on and on and it can get overwhelming really fast.

We recommend our clients and customers use Mailchimp. Plus we can set up your email template, plus everything for you with our marketing services and you can take over from there.

Plus Dreamsyte customers can take our email course for free!

#3. You don’t know what to say

So after all of these objections–which having spent countless hours, banging my head against the keyboard screaming “WHY ME GAH!”-ahem, learning the different email platforms, I deeply empathize with you.

But after I got the hang of it, it was so intuitive and then exciting!

One of our favorite things is connecting our products to the store to see the revenue that each campaign generated.

I was in disbelief when I read this, but Russel Brand said in his book dot com secrets that for every subscriber in your list, you should make $1 for every email you send.

After implementing it with our clients we were excited to see how true it is!

But I still don’t want to email my clients eeeevery day

That’s totally understandable, when you’re not feeling good about something the worst thing you can do is do that thing. We recommend emailing your subscribers twice a week.

But I can already hear you saying it, and let me tell you in advance, I get it.


It’s not about what you say so much as how you say it.

Here’s your plan

  1. Imagine your reader
  2. Imagine what they can be going through that you can relate to or solve
  3. Tell them a story and add a little funny! (we all love entertainment)
  4. Add a link to your products, or place an offer
  5. Send

And that’s it! When you ask yourself, what can I say that my subscribers would love to hear?

and “How can I tell my story in an interesting and funny way?”.

Can you already feel how easy and exciting that feels? It doesn’t even have to correlate to the offer you add, just make sure it’s about your business.

Just think about your reader and send them a nice story to make their day better 🙂

Next time we’ll talk about branding your emails. Stay tuned!

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